A talking Giraffe? : How I managed animation for George the Giraffe

Matthew woock 1

Here's the primary control center for all animations that go through george. Its a simple yet robust set up with the primary goal of allowing george to play facial animations while simultaneously playing skeletal animations.

Matthew woock 3

A basic explanation of the set up would be that as animations are brought into UE4 and then categorized. If the animations is a primary animation its then placed into the default slot. Examples would be: running, jumping, sliding, and walking.

Matthew woock 2

Additive animations would go in the additive slot. Examples would be: Talking, tail wiggle, and blinking. In this scenario we captured some facial animation using Faceware Tech. The animations have been primarily using morph targets.

Matthew woock 4

Here is the cache logic that both slots pull from. Its a set up for mainly utilizing the slide, run, and jump animation of George.

Matthew woock 5

In addition to the facial animation. I simulate the ears to bounce and flow with player movement.

Matthew woock 6

Here is the blueprint for our basic talking system. I hid some of the redundant content. Each line plays a corresponding additive animation. Not shown here is the system when its hooked up to a location based comment system.

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